B E A D S                      M E                      G A L L E R Y
E x a m p l e s


Lampworking is what I am completely addicted to...and thereīs a story about it...

After trying to survive;-) crossing the Australian outback completely on my own, I got tons of amazing photos, too precious to be stored in a box, so I just created fashion out of them and applied for an international fashion contest and got nominated.

One of the ideas I had was inspired by Hinchinbrook Island/Queensland, and I was thinking on how to get the effect of shimmering turquoise-blue and green water. GLASS! And I really didnīt have the slightest knowledge on glass ;-).

I got myself a welders torch and a big bunch of seaglass, and settled myself into the staircase (didnīt dare to do it in my apartment ;-). First I tried to melt the glass in a soup ladle in order to apply it to a gypsum plastic I made. The soup ladle melted, but not the glass ;-) Next attempt was to put the glass onto a gypsum plate and to put the flame on it. As soon as I got a big lump of glowing glass and was trying to flatten it with a piece of metal, the glass got stuck and jumped onto my skirt. I jumped up. The thing was rolling down the stairs, starting to burn a doormat. I got after it with a pipe wrench throwing it out onto the street.
I didnīt give up, and after finally producing a small amount of glass tiles (small ones ;-), I was wondering why they were all cracking when cooling down, so I finally browsed the internet for some further information on glass, and all I found was - GLASS BEADS.. grrrr.
I just hated this since I wanted information on how to make a glass DRESS.. *g*.. in the end that thing was never produced,...
but the glass beads somehow got stuck in my mind, and half a year later, in March 2004, I got out my welders torch again and started lampworking ;-). I got more professional equipment two weeks later and since then I know -

GLASS is the material I wanna play with!



Lava fountain



Some samples:


Momma bird

Shark attack


Summer beach

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